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Moving Forward: Wikipedia Scrubbed

Moving Forward:  Wikipedia Scrubbed

Since its creation in 2001 Wikipedia has become one of the largest and most trusted reference websites, attracting 400 million unique visitors every month. As more and more people look toward the internet to learn and to teach, it is imperative that the internet stays “free” and the best way to accomplish that is to keep [...]

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Are there really Communists in Congress?

Are there really Communists in Congress?

Allen West ruffled a few feathers recently when he suggested that 78 to 81 Democrats in Congress are Communists.  He has been berated by the mainstream media since he made the claims.  Watch CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien ridicule West while he calmly restated his case. What is a Progressive and who are these Democrats Allen [...]

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Progresive End Game ?

Progresive End Game ?

Progressivism is a general term for a political ideology advocating social, political, and economic reform or changes and opposition to conservative ideologies.  Progressive policy was embraced in the administrations of American Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Lyndon Baines Johnson.  Our current President, Barack Obama, is a self-proclaimed progressive who said , “I am someone who is no [...]

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