Sunday 22nd May 2022,
Bugout Alley

On the Road to Recovery or Flatlining…

On the Road to Recovery or Flatlining…

Speaking at a Ohio campaign event last week, President Obama told supporters that this months worse-than-expected jobs report marks a “step in the right direction.”  HUH?  The numbers do not lie, and the facts are the economy is NOT in a recovery and the Obama economic strategy with its trillion-dollar stimulus bill did not and is not working to turn our economy  around.  What does Barack Obama think the right direction is?  Examine the graph below and try to explain its data…

right direction or a flatline?

The graph is clear. The economy is not growing stronger. In fact, democratic partisan politics (2008 – 2010, when democrats controlled both houses of Congress and the executive branch) were driving the economy during the nose dive and only when republicans took over the House in 2010 did we at least curtail the fall.  What does the President mean when he instructs Congress,  ”Do not slow down the recovery that we’re on. Don’t muck it up. Keep it moving in the right direction.”

The direction we are heading in will end at the same destination that Europe is currently in — bankruptcy and ultimately collapse.



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