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The Four-Minute Video That Should Determine The 2012 Election

The Four-Minute Video That Should Determine The 2012 Election

The 2012 presidential election is quickly approaching and it is being presented as the most important one in our generation.  Even though that phrase is usually repeated every four years, this year may truly be that fork in the road that once we choose our path, may be irreversible.  The two roads are clearly labeled:  one of individualism and one of big government control.  It is understandable that those people deeply entrenched on one side or the other are not going to change their vote.  The future of America will be decided by the silent majority; the average Joe, the middle class, those who spend too much of their time working and being with their family to pay attention to Washington D.C.

That is why this 4 minute summary of Barack Obama’s 3 years in office is so useful.  In such a short time, it presents a clear case that the average American is NOT better of that they were before Obama took office.  Regardless of the opponent, the current administration’s experiment at European socialism was an epic failure.  The economy was in bad shape, so Barack Obama took a chance an offered Hope and Change and vowed to fundamentally change America in order to return us to prosperity.  Oh, we have had change, but the economy is only getting worse.  Barack knew this may happen when he talked with Today Show host Matt Lauer back in February 2009 and explained that he would be a one-term president if he didn’t fix the economy in three years.

I will be held accountable, I’ve got four years and … A year from now, I think people are going to see that we’re starting to make some progress, but there’s still going to be some pain out there … If I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.

Obviously, the message hits close to home.  White House press secretary Jay Carney made an “angry phone call” to a Fox News executive after the network aired the video last month.  The White House influenced the “fair and balanced” network enough to result in the removal of the video from its website.  So, transparency in Washington does not include the facts of the Obama presidency.  Simple.  We need a change, not just from the Obama administration, but from the Bush policy as well.  Progressives have infiltrated both parties and have been steering us toward socialism for nearly 100 years.  Now. we have the privilege to see where that leads as Europe is on the brink of collapse.  We not only have to distance ourselves from the contagion, but we have to be strong to help Europe and the world rebuild post-European Union.  Mitt Romney is not perfect.  He is not George Washington or Thomas Jefferson, but you cannot reverse a ship that is full steam ahead…However, we can start to steer her…


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