Friday 08th December 2023,
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WaWa Whatcha You Talkin’ ‘Bout NBC?

WaWa Whatcha You Talkin’ ‘Bout NBC?

NBC was caught AGAIN selectively editing a video that they sell as honest reporting.   Barely over the inexcusable edit of the George Zimmerman police tape, MSNBC’s idiot anchor,  Andrea Mitchell, blasted Mitt Romney as wildly “out of touch,” when he addressed a crowd and seemed way to excited about a sandwich shop.  The problem was is the video was radically edited and in its entirety it was really just Mr. Romney explaining the difference between the private and public sectors.  Watch the video clip:

If you still thought NBC was a legit television network and anything but a White House propaganda machine, you would be correct in thinking that it was pretty funny how many times Mitt Romney said “Wawa” in such a short time.  He would indeed have sounded a bit out of touch and way too excited about sandwiches.  The problem is the MSNBC’s piece completely misrepresented MItt Romney’s speech.  The message was not mind-blowing, but it demonstrated Romney’s philosophy of smaller government and that the individual is more important than “Big” government.  Watch what he REALLY said and it may be the last time you get your news from NBC.

Its pretty clear that whether you are Republican, Democrat, or an Independent — the truth does not reside at NBC.  Remember General Electric owns NBC. GE paid zero in taxes in 2010.  Their CEO, Jeff Immelt, is Obama’s buddy and sits on the White House economic advisory board and is a  bundler for the Obama re-election campaign.  Oh yeah, and the idiot reporter is the wife of another Barack Obama buddy, Alan Greenspan.  Therefore,  it should not come as a surprise that NBC and MSNBC’s news coverage is slanted in favor of Obama. The problem is that their coverage in this case isn’t just slanted, it’s outright false and dishonest.


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