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The Flip Flops, Radical Associations, and Downright Lies - part 1 | Bugout Alley
Wednesday 18th September 2019,
Bugout Alley

The Flip Flops, Radical Associations, and Downright Lies – part 1

The Flip Flops, Radical Associations, and Downright Lies – part 1

Glen Beck recently began to expose Barack Obama and his flip-flops, radical associations, and downright lies.  Now that we have about ten years of the President on audio and video, we can experience the inconsistencies directly from his lips.  In this day and age of digital media, the burden is on the average citizen to collect the facts.  The media were created to keep politicians honest and to keep the electorate of America informed so they can vote appropriately.  Now, cooperate mainstream media is practically a branch of the federal government.  The current administration is doing just what Michelle Obama professed on the 2008 campaign trail, “Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.”

The White House website has always featured biographies of our past presidents. The biographies are largely designed as learning tools, so students can research the history of our nations leaders.  President Obama has decided that those other presidential biographies weren’t complete without a sentence about him.  Seriously.  According to our king and his minions, all past presidents are just a window into President Obama’s grand accomplishments.

President Barack Obama promised that he would cut the deficit in half during his first term in office, and he has racked up a record debt of nearly $6 trillion.  He self admittedly said that if he could not reduce unemployment he SHOULD be a one-term President.  Under the current administration, we have created zero net jobs, in fact we have as many Americans employed as we did in the 1980′s.  If the media would have done its job back in 2008, maybe we would already be back on the road to prosperity.  Lets not make that mistake again.  Glen Beck claims that “His life is complete fiction,” and has put together the following staggering array of inconsistencies, embellishments and “manufactured lies” perpetuated by the president over the course of his political career.


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