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Communist Ideology in the White House...Don't Take My Word For It | Bugout Alley
Sunday 23rd February 2020,
Bugout Alley

Communist Ideology in the White House…Don’t Take My Word For It

Communist Ideology in the White House…Don’t Take My Word For It

The President surrounds himself with like-minded people to assist with the giant task of leading a country.  President Barack Obama took praise and criticism alike with the length of time it took to appoint his cabinet and various advisors.  Many critics from the right claim that many of Barack Obama’s advisors are known communist and socialists.  In fact, Van Jones took so much heat for his self-proclaimed communist beliefs that he resigned as Obama’s “Green Jobs Czar”.  Barack Obama claims that the wealthy need to pair their fair share and that everyone needs to play by the same rules.  Sounds fair…but our current system already has the top 10% of income earners paying 71% of all federal income taxes with about half of all tax filers paying no federal income tax at all.  It also sounds a lot like Karl Marx:

“From each, according to his ability; to each, according to his need”

Rick Bookstaber, a White House advisor who currently serves on President Obama’s Financial Stability Oversight Council,  recently wrote that in every civil society it is necessary for the poor to improve their lot at the expense of the rich.  He recognizes and admits the need for “class warfare” and believes “such a war is justifiable, and indeed ultimately inevitable.”  Take a wild guess who he cites for historical reference…you betcha, Karl Marx.  Read his blog entry for yourself (Monday, May 7 2012)–mind you, these are just his personal feelings, not official White House Policy…


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